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Welcome to The Templar Knights MC Canada

**We are in no way affiliated with the Freemasons or any Masonic Lodge.

The Knights Templar was a fraternal order that was founded in the 11th century and were renowned for their fierceness and courage in battle.Today, the Templar Knights Motorcycle Club displays courage and goodwill in other ways. We organize fund-raising activities, honor the Countries in which we live, honor all branches of Military Service and proudly support all local government agencies and public safety.


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  • Toys for Kids Ride 2018
    Hosted by : TKMC Canada

    Join us the 6th anniversary of The Templar Knights Toys for kids ride September 8th 2018. Bring a toy to donate that will help make Christmas that much brighter for families in our community!

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  • Bruce "Poppa" Bigras Ride 2018
    Private Club and Family Ceremony : TKMC Canada

    Bruce "Poppa" Bigras was one of the "Original 9" for the 1st Templar Knights MC expansion lodge in Canada. His dedication and commitment to our club helped it reach official status. Bruce had a passion for life and family. Our Grand Lodge in Utah elevated him to "Honorary Knight" although he passed away before the full knighting ceremony. This year the club is hosting a private ceremony that will include Bruce's family and members of the club. The club thanks everyone for all the support for this ride over the last five years. We will see everyone this September 8th for our Toys for Kids Ride.





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    Hosted by : Grand Lodge

    Every three years we have a National Rally where a Lodge gets a chance to host all the lodges from Europe, Canada and the US. Always a great time. This year the Grand Lodge in hosted everyone on Omaha Nebraska. This ride is open only to full patched members. The Next National will be hosted in Canada by our Lodge.

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    Hosted by : TBD

    The next National will be hosted again by the Grand Lodge! Location is to be determined.

You can find, TKMC Canada in Renfrew Ontario.

TKMC Canada Renfrew Lodge - Commander's Address

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Templar is truly a fearless knight, and secure on every side, for his soul is protected by the armor of faith, just as his body is protected by the armor of steel. He is thus doubly armed and need fear neither demons nor men.

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